Welcome to Hacking the Home, a blog where you’ll find all kinds of house-related hacks, from Dog Kennels to Modern Mailboxes to Alexa integrations and more. I’m helping you find easy ways to upgrade your home, garden, and life!

My Story

At 30 years old, I bought myself a house.

I – like many – was tired of wasting my hard-earned money on rent every year. I live in Austin, much cheaper than my previous years in the Northeast, and I was still spending more than $25k every year just to have a roof over my head. Why couldn’t I spend that money on a house, building equity for myself. Then if I wanted to move (aka sell my house), I would get some of it back, or more!

So, I pursued that idea, and found a great little ‘starter house’ for myself. A 3-2, with a solid foundation, ‘great bones’ and technically was move-in ready, though a bit outdated.

In this blog, you’ll hear about some of my projects, big and small, so that you may hopefully learn from my mistakes. I hope to give you some easy ways to complete seemingly difficult tasks, and still achieve impressive results. Enjoy!